Ticketing, Events & Parties

Service delivery on-point

We have all bases covered when it comes to managing what you sell in your park or online.  Ticket sales, up sells, parties, customised parties, parties with up sells, vouchers.  The list goes on.  If you want to max out making money, we have the software to do just that.


Digital is the gateway to the physical world

You need to protect your business, but you also don't want that interfering with your ability to make sales.  Our solution will contact those who haven't completed their forms well in advance of them turning up on your doorstep.  We place these forms strategically so that you don't experience any drop off online.  

Marketing & Engagement

Scatter gun is dead

A lot of systems will say they can automate your marketing, but what does that actually mean?  Let's get straight to the point, you want your communication to be on point, sliding into those inbox's just at the right time.  We track that, and the data will show you when works best for your customers.  What about promotions?  Reaching out to historical clients?  Set your algorithm to send your offer, and respond accordingly.  Did we say this can all be automated, and you get your ROI..? 

Mobile Apps

Pocket Friend

To complement our digital offering, we offer fully customised branded mobile apps for Android and Apple users..  Digest content, make payments, book into classes, receive great notifications about last minute spaces and much more.  


Money talks

We offer competitively priced payment solutions for your wellness business.  From taking payments online to getting someone to manage your Direct Debits, we have you covered.  We also offer rev share options that makes our solution cost neutral.

Your Personalised Proposal

We don't do one size fits, all,  we tailor your proposal to match your exact needs, and build our relationship beyond the first sale.  We'll present you with solutions covering you beyond day one.