Treatments & Packages

Service delivery on-point

From setup to maximising what you offer, Ez-Runner has it covered.  We have simple to use wizards to setup your treatments and upsells/upgrades of your packages.  When it comes to booking, the system will pick the most efficient Therapist available to fulfil your service.  This maximises your revenue quickly and simply.

Digital Solutions

Digital is the gateway to the physical world

We feel that your customers digital experience should be bathed in your branding.  They should feel safe, and comfortable when they engage with your business digitally.  We offer a full stack of options for you to fully embrace a digital transformation.  From signing members up,  validating their Direct Debits online, to managing their PARQ's.  We have your covered virtually.

Vouchers & Fulfilment

Gift that keeps on giving

Vouchers is a great way to extend your rev gen.  Upto 40% don't even get used.  However you want your customers to receive these vouchers, we have you covered digitally and physically.  This is all handled online via your own branded Ecom website.   


Marketing & Engagement

Scatter gun is dead

A lot of systems will say they can automate your marketing, but what does that actually mean?  Let's get straight to the point, you want your communication to be on point, sliding into those inbox's just at the right time.  We track that, and the data will show you when works best for your customers.  What about promotions?  Reaching out to historical clients?  Set your algorithm to send your offer, and respond accordingly.  Did we say this can all be automated, and you get your ROI..? 


Money talks

We offer competitively priced payment solutions for your wellness business.  From taking payments online to getting someone to manage your Direct Debits, we have you covered.

Your Personalised Proposal

We don't do one size fits, all,  we tailor your proposal to match your exact needs, and build our relationship beyond the first sale.  We'll present you with solutions covering you beyond day one.